@Profile of WADAIKO Matsuriza  



The Japanese character of WA means Japanese style and DAIKO(TAIKO)  
means drum. So WADAIKO stands for traditional Japanese drum. Most of 
cases, its performance is in MATSURI(Festival). WADAIKO MATSURIZA  
is professional performance group of
traditional Japanese drum and 
its main place is Hachioji city, which is located about 50km west 
from central of Tokyo in Japan. 

Our performance style is not only traditional way, but also very 
contemporary one. Performing complex rhythm is well accepted by 
Japanese, but also by foreigners. In fact, we performed many times 
at various US military base and Embassies in Japan, and received 
very good acceptance from them. And we are not just stick with TAIKO 
performance, but also have been incorporating other Japanese  
traditional music instruments, such as Shamisen, in to our performance.
We have 21 performers including junior players. Masaya Takashino is our
leader and has 20 years performance experience. He formed this group 
in 1996 and had many performances in past 12 years. We are also requested
to repeat performance by many places.

In 2004 at 3rd Tokyo International Wadaiko Contest, we got Highest award
(Gold Medal) for Group Performance of Junior Grade (under 15 years old.),
2nd award (Silver Medal) for Solo Performance of Large Taiko and 3rd award
(Bronze Medal) for Group Performance of all ages. This means we won
at all three section of Contest.

Past Performance in;
    Local festival, wedding ceremony, shopping center, US military base, US embassies,
    party, Movie music, etc.