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I am Masaya Takashino, a chairman of
Wadaiko Matsuriza.

I am briefly introducing our members.
Please note that those briefing is my
own interpretation for each member.
Nickname: Akitoshi-san

He strives for practice even with night shift opening.
It struck my heart.
He was national tennis player of Japan.
Also he knows PC very well.

ami.jpg (2987 バイト) Nickname: Ami

Shi is enjoying a Japanese drum very 
much. She isn't conspicuous but breaks
a menu graduall
ake.jpg (3694 バイト) Nickname: Ake-san

She is one of a strong person, which is 
called moderate Japanese woman. She is
very severely to her, but very kind to 
Nickname: Asae-san

Because she graduated music university, her 
rhythm sensitivity is #1 in our group.
She is also teaching piano in a weekday. 

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